You can ONLY use this booking facility if you are booking at least 2 days in advance.

If you are booking within 2 days or if you are booking on a Friday / over the weekend for the following Monday then you will need to contact us first, to make sure we can accomodate your booking.

We need to make sure we have enough Staff to meet our staff:dog ratios and, if you require our Collection Service,  we need to be sure we have enough room in our van.


email:          Telephone: 07561 024 687

                      5 DAY CANCELLATION POLICY

We understand how frustrating it is if you suddenly & unexpectedly need to cancel / swap days.

We know you can't help it if your dog is poorly or if your plans suddenly change however, in order to meet our Licensing requirements with Medway Council we *have* to meet staff / dog ratios.

We allocate Staff / lunch cover / space in the van based on our numbers each week. When you cancel at short notice we still need to pay that member of staff to work. We also do not have the Admin. time to manually "re-add" your cancelled sessions to this system.

Therefore, if you cancel within 5 days there is no refund.

If you know in advance that you will not be needing us (Holidays etc) then you do not need

to pay for your space to keep it open

Thank you for understanding


Doggy Day Care & Puppy Play School


The system will automatically show as SOLD OUT when we only have a couple of spaces left for each day.

This does not mean we cannot fit your dog in. It just means that we are keeping a close eye on our

numbers as we get close to being full.


as we often have cancellations and can usually fit your dog in